Secret Budapest

Préri fishing lake

Do you need some rest sometimes? Do you want to be far from the bustle of Budapest?

You can find many programs near Budapest. Wellness centers, outdoor sports or just a nice walking int he forest.

One of my favourite outdoor activities is fishing. Many people may think It is boring, but you need only patient. You don’t have to deal with your work here, your thoughts are not pushed by the conversations of others or the noise of the city.

Just sitting, meditate, planning or reading a good book. No one bothering you, nothing takes your attention. The perfect place to be yourself.

Or if you just want to eat fish, you can buy the best ones here.

“Más kép”

Do you like painting? Do you want to paint famous people’s works yourself? Here is your chance to create something. Two talented painter pre-paint you the choosen picture, then show you step by step how to use the brush to achieve the desire effect.

Don’t be afraid to start. You do not need dexterity. What matters?! – Exhilaration and willingness to paint.

Let’s talk about the place. The adress is: 1033 Budapest, Miklós square 1.  It is located in a beautiful environment. Personally, I would keep my wedding even in the garden.

Entering the house, the nice instructors are waiting with empty canvases, coffee, soft drinks and cakes. What you have to do: Choose an empty canvas, sit down, and start painting. If you get suck, the instructors help you step by step how to continue. They do their best to help you to get an impressive experience.

It was fantastic, I’m sure I’ll be back several times! I recommend this place for couples, friends or colleagues, but it is also perfect for „alone time”.

If you want to check this place:


We decided again: let’s have a breakfast. This time we choosed the restaurant, called Briós, which can be easily reached from the Jászai Mari square, that is on Pozsonyi Street 16. If you want to approach the place by car, unfortunately there are only a few parking places nearby, but you need to pay for parking, like everywhere in the city.

 We have discovered from outside, that we are now in a much more spacious place than the other places what we have tried before. There is also possible to dining out, like in many other places.  In a relatively quiet and little street we can start our day without a doubt. Unfortunately, we were looking for an inside table in the cold weather.

 It was difficult to decide between a large number of tables, but we choosed one upstairs.

Pleasant music and cozy lighting filled us with a very good feeling, but this is due to many Christmas decorations and lights already fitted.

Old advertising posters gave a retro feeling for the place. The waiter came with the menu almost immediately and with some of his stuff tried to make our rainy morning better. It was difficult to make a decision, but eventually we choosed:  french toast filled with ham and cheese served with sour cream and a Hungarian menu. The meals are abundant and delicious, in the Hungarian menu you can find sausage, grey cuttle salami, liver pate, spicy cream cheese, fresh vegetables and bread. We got  the food fast, we did not have to wait a long time. On the menu, the fruit salad was very tempting, so we choosed that as a “dessert.” We waited a lot, and we were disappointed because our little oversized salt quantity and composition did not meet our expectations.

The restaurant offers card and cash payments, we paied 6000 Ft.( around 20$ or 18 Euro)


As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and  we discovered a new place again. We choosed Bubo on Jászai Mari square, which is easily accessible by public transport. We would not recommend it by car because of bad traffic and few parking places. The restaurant seems simple and small from outside, but we entered into a bigger space. Outdoor and indoor dining is also possible, we recommend taking a seat inside. We sat down at a small table next to a wall.

Our choices

We got the menu almost immadiately, but it was difficult to make a decision because of the wide variety. Finally we would be able to decide what we want for breakfast, our chooises were: Croque Bubó extra and Paté Breakfast. During the short waiting period we discovered a famous hungarian chef in the restaurant as a costumer, so we were hopeful about meals. The simplicity and the pleasant atmosphere of the place made a good experience for coffee and for a perfect conversation.

 We have met friendly and helpful waiters, so we were completely satisfied with the quality and the speed of the service.

After a relatively short wait, we got the food. The patés, eggplant cream and feta cream with chives  were just perfect for us. In our opinion, the amount of bread is not enough for a breakfast, so we asked for an extra dose.

Overall, we paid 4,500 Ft(around 15$ or 13 Euro) for breakfast menus and drinks, which we are very pleased with. The restaurant also offers card and cash payments.

Kuglóf cafe

Our next step was the Kuglóf cafe at the heart of the city. It is located in Piarista alley, opening from Váci street, away from the bustle, we met only some passerby. Unfortunately, due to the size of the cafe, we did not find any tables inside for breakfast, so we sat down at the outside tables, where we could protect ourselves against cold with blankets. Sitting at the table, we found ourselves in a beautiful spot, looking at the Elisabeth Bridge. Although we told them that we would like to have breakfast at the outside tables, we asked for the menu after 10 minutes, speeding things up. There are lots of delicacies on the menu, it was difficult to decide what to order. Beside simple meals, there are more complicated dishes, we prefered the latter one. Because of the complicated dishes we set big expectations, but unfortunately we were disappointed.

 In 5 minutes we received the drinks and after a short time we could start eating. Unfortunately we did not like the taste of dishes, but we got enough food for breakfast. Our choice were: Poached eggs served with hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon and fresh salad on toast with avocado cream; Wrap with cheddar sauce, 2 scrambled eggs and avocado cream; and Spinach parmesan chili omelette with French bagette.

When we were paying the bill we were informed that we could choose from new menu, so they liked our positive and negative comments about the flavor and composition of dishes.

Kuglóf is dog-fancier cafe, that is rare in Budapest.

Catch Burger&Breakfast

The place we tried for the first time was the restaurant, called Catch Burger&Breakfast(1134 Budapest, Váci út 49.). This little place for the first sight seems like that it would be the part of the officebuilding, but it has a very friendly interior. As we entered we have got an openarmed welcome.

We arrived after the usual breakfast wave, at 9 o’clock. We did not have to wait so long to order. As we were waiting we noticed the freshly baked prasties, fresh sandwiches and the menu. (Both of us did choose something almost immediately. )Choosing is very easy in our opinion because everyone can find on the menu something to your liking.

What we asked for, it was made in  15 minutes. To talk about the food, we choosed omlett with bacon and sausage with english mustard and horseradish.

The place is very cosy with pleasant background music. Cleanness provides you a perfect dining experencie.

You can take-away your coffee or consume it at the place. After the 9. coffee the 10. its a gift.

The consumers feedback is very important for the place, after paying the bill we have got a lot of questions about meal. Prize value is satisfactory, we payed 4.550 Ft(around 15$ and  13Euro)for the wonderful dishes and beverages.

We encourage people to organise meetings here or just to spend nice time with your family or friends. In good weather you can eat outside or they grant blankets in colder weather.