Arany Palacsintázó

Oh my God! This place is the paradise itself! Okay, I admit most people think pancakes can be done at home easily but you got to try this place.

 It can be found near the entry of Csepel Művek, next to a small pub. It doesn’t look too promising from the outside, but I can guarantee that if you go inside you will experience something special. Csepel and Its surrounding is not the part of the city centre, It’s rather on the edge of the City. The center can be reached by car in 20 minutes from here, and not much longer with public transportation either. There is a big parking place in front of the restaurant, and it’s about 5 minutes walk from the local train station.

You can enjoy one of the best pancakes in Budapest also on the terrace of the restaurant. The service is fast, friendly and honest. At dinner time or in rush hours they inform you about the waiting time, so you can decide whether you want to wait for it or look for another place to eat. (I’d definitely wait for it.)

 Let’s talk a bit about the menu and the dishes, I bet you have been waiting for it already. There are 135 sweet or salty pancakes to choose from, or you can also order fried meat, if you are in the mood for it.

I chose a sweet pancake, but a very good friend of mine ordered a salty pancake speciality, which she always does. By the way she showed me this place.

 The quantity of the dishes are huge, the food is tasty, good service and the price is rather cheap. It is very rare these days, that you find something outstanding for a decent price.

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