Plane spotting

The next topic will be propably interesting for the most of you, but there will be some who is not interested in it. That’s what makes our world beautiful, that we are so different. But our job is to show you places, attractions in Budapest, that you most certainly will not find on Google, or if you do, you will not get adequate informations about it.

This will be the perfect destination for you if you love aviation, or flying in general. Many airports have spotter places near the runway, where photographers and aviation enthusiasts can get a great view of the landing and taking off air traffic. We chose a destination like that also.

For me, Landings are more interesting than taking off. You can feel like you could touch the fuselage of the plane flying just a couple of feets above you. As you can see on the pictures, we found the perfect place for plane spotting, you can see it on the map also, you have to take an exit at the roundabout to a dirt road which takes you all the way to the airport fence. The place is also perfect for a picnic, as we did also. (But please beware of blittering since otherwise these places can be closed.)

The coordinates found on the map are surely on the right place, we wish you all a good relaxation and if you have anything to ask or would like to write some additional information, feel free to leave a comment, or a message also here as well on facebook.

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