Budapest Baristas

Which word comes to your mind if you think about breakfast? What is the most important thing when you wake up?

Many would say coffee or a delicious scrambled eggs, pancakes. Different habits, different tastes. That’s what we do. But what we agreed was to share this experience with you.

Our next step was the restaurant, called Budapest Baristas. It is possible you heard about this restaurant before, because they are pretty famous. It is located on the Museum Boulevard, which is a huge challenge to reach by car. The number of parking spaces is limited, the restaurant does not have an own car park, and it is only possible to find a good place in the surrounding streets, and of course you need to pay for that. So I would recommend you choose public transport if you want to try this place. It is located between Astoria and Fővám square, only 5 minutes walking.

We can say positive and also negativ things about the place. In our opinion size of the restaurant is good. It is possible to have meal outdoors and indoors. And the tables on the gallery expand the small place inside. We chosed an inside place at the window, and it was very pleasant. With the coming good weather, many would choose the outdoor option, but the noise of the cars gives you a very bad eating experience.

The menu is extremely varied, I was almost lost with coffee specialties. Everyone can find breakfast and coffee that suits their taste. If you have any Food Intolerance, do not panic, I’m sure you can find something.

Unfortunately, the pictures on the restaurant’s website and on the facebook page did not reflect the reality. Personally, we were not satisfied with the amount and taste of food. Although it is subjective, so try it out too.

We found it expensive.

Try it out, because this place has a really good feeling.

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