We decided again: let’s have a breakfast. This time we choosed the restaurant, called Briós, which can be easily reached from the Jászai Mari square, that is on Pozsonyi Street 16. If you want to approach the place by car, unfortunately there are only a few parking places nearby, but you need to pay for parking, like everywhere in the city.

 We have discovered from outside, that we are now in a much more spacious place than the other places what we have tried before. There is also possible to dining out, like in many other places.  In a relatively quiet and little street we can start our day without a doubt. Unfortunately, we were looking for an inside table in the cold weather.

 It was difficult to decide between a large number of tables, but we choosed one upstairs.

Pleasant music and cozy lighting filled us with a very good feeling, but this is due to many Christmas decorations and lights already fitted.

Old advertising posters gave a retro feeling for the place. The waiter came with the menu almost immediately and with some of his stuff tried to make our rainy morning better. It was difficult to make a decision, but eventually we choosed:  french toast filled with ham and cheese served with sour cream and a Hungarian menu. The meals are abundant and delicious, in the Hungarian menu you can find sausage, grey cuttle salami, liver pate, spicy cream cheese, fresh vegetables and bread. We got  the food fast, we did not have to wait a long time. On the menu, the fruit salad was very tempting, so we choosed that as a “dessert.” We waited a lot, and we were disappointed because our little oversized salt quantity and composition did not meet our expectations.

The restaurant offers card and cash payments, we paied 6000 Ft.( around 20$ or 18 Euro)

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