As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and  we discovered a new place again. We choosed Bubo on Jászai Mari square, which is easily accessible by public transport. We would not recommend it by car because of bad traffic and few parking places. The restaurant seems simple and small from outside, but we entered into a bigger space. Outdoor and indoor dining is also possible, we recommend taking a seat inside. We sat down at a small table next to a wall.

Our choices

We got the menu almost immadiately, but it was difficult to make a decision because of the wide variety. Finally we would be able to decide what we want for breakfast, our chooises were: Croque Bubó extra and Paté Breakfast. During the short waiting period we discovered a famous hungarian chef in the restaurant as a costumer, so we were hopeful about meals. The simplicity and the pleasant atmosphere of the place made a good experience for coffee and for a perfect conversation.

 We have met friendly and helpful waiters, so we were completely satisfied with the quality and the speed of the service.

After a relatively short wait, we got the food. The patés, eggplant cream and feta cream with chives  were just perfect for us. In our opinion, the amount of bread is not enough for a breakfast, so we asked for an extra dose.

Overall, we paid 4,500 Ft(around 15$ or 13 Euro) for breakfast menus and drinks, which we are very pleased with. The restaurant also offers card and cash payments.

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