Kuglóf cafe

Our next step was the Kuglóf cafe at the heart of the city. It is located in Piarista alley, opening from Váci street, away from the bustle, we met only some passerby. Unfortunately, due to the size of the cafe, we did not find any tables inside for breakfast, so we sat down at the outside tables, where we could protect ourselves against cold with blankets. Sitting at the table, we found ourselves in a beautiful spot, looking at the Elisabeth Bridge. Although we told them that we would like to have breakfast at the outside tables, we asked for the menu after 10 minutes, speeding things up. There are lots of delicacies on the menu, it was difficult to decide what to order. Beside simple meals, there are more complicated dishes, we prefered the latter one. Because of the complicated dishes we set big expectations, but unfortunately we were disappointed.

 In 5 minutes we received the drinks and after a short time we could start eating. Unfortunately we did not like the taste of dishes, but we got enough food for breakfast. Our choice were: Poached eggs served with hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon and fresh salad on toast with avocado cream; Wrap with cheddar sauce, 2 scrambled eggs and avocado cream; and Spinach parmesan chili omelette with French bagette.

When we were paying the bill we were informed that we could choose from new menu, so they liked our positive and negative comments about the flavor and composition of dishes.

Kuglóf is dog-fancier cafe, that is rare in Budapest.

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